Current Prayer Requests

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All of our critical current prayer requests from our website, email, calls, and the list kept by our church prayer team are shown here. If you have sent in a request know that it can take up to a few hours to show up here. This list is manually updated by our webmaster and is not directly linked to our prayer form. We remove requests from this list after two weeks.


6-25-2017 - Margo Miner - Broken arm. 8-12 Weeks heal time.


7-10-2017 - Glenda Mattox -  I have and appoitment this friday with an oncologist , please pray for complete healing in my body, and please pray fir my husband Paul, he has emphysema, and aneurysm in his aorta, close to his heart, the dr requested a cat scan.... We need a divine intervention, please pray for the resources and finances blessings. Thank you

7-12-2017 - Caleb Jones - Going to Hawaii for his company to find a problem in their Oyster farm

7-12-2017 - Joey Wilson - Direction

Katie Sperry - Head Injury

Aleena - Healing

Barbara Tuner - Blood clot in lung, in need of medication

Lorie Gipson - Has lupus

Mildred Cantrell - Lost her son recently

Connie - Is looking for the right assisted living facility.