Current Prayer Requests

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All of our critical current prayer requests from our website, email, calls, and the list kept by our church prayer team are shown here. If you have sent in a request know that it can take up to a few hours to show up here. This list is manually updated by our webmaster and is not directly linked to our prayer form. We remove requests from this list after two weeks, that does not mean we have stopped praying for those requests.

We continuously pray for the rest home.




Delores Moore - In hospital has cancerous mass on her kidney.


Mary Morando - Fell currently at San Antonio


We are praying for Ms. Walker and her first grade class in Florida. The students names are. Jeff, Kelly, Sam, Lorie, Beckie L, Beckie S, Joe, Pam, Don, Patty, Betty, Brett, Johnnie, Mary T, Mary D, Polly, Chris K, Chris P, Samantha, Henery, Terry B, Terry H, Wanda.

Phyllis Jones: healing


Sis. Evelyn - Bone Spur - Needs healing and relief from pain


Jane's Brother in Law - Salvation

Jim - Kidneys having trouble

Evelyn - Having electro cardio gram

9-22 - Tracy Slaugenhaupt - Lineman for Allegheny Power in Florida. Got electrocuted and has multiple burns on his body. Scheduled for multiple surgeries needs healing.