Current Prayer Requests

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All of our critical current prayer requests from our website, email, calls, and the list kept by our church prayer team are shown here. If you have sent in a request know that it can take up to a few hours to show up here. This list is manually updated by our webmaster and is not directly linked to our prayer form. We remove requests from this list after two weeks, that does not mean we have stopped praying for those requests.

We continuously pray for:

Claremont Care Center


Phyllis Jones: healing

Sis. Evelyn - Bone Spur - Needs healing and relief from pain

Jim - Kidneys having trouble

Tracy Slaugenhaupt - Lineman for Allegheny Power in Florida.

11/18 update from Darlene:

If you would like to pray for Tracy, could you please specifically pray that he can get some serious sleep? I know I've made this request in the past, but he has really been sleep deprived lately and is in desperate need of uninterrupted sleep. Also, for me, could you please pray for wisdom? There are always lots of small (and big) decisions that have to be made and I need God's help in knowing what to do. Today they changed Tracy's dressings from the last surgery and removed many staples. It took about 2 hours to do that work and it was painful. One great thing, though, is that he is off all antibiotics at the moment!! He is currently infection free, I believe. PTL!!!!!! As always, thanks for your prayers!!!

Leon (Jane's brother in-law) - Salvation & needs healing of kidney failure & sever infection, currently in rehab for treatment

Anonymous- I wanted to pass on a prayer request and was hoping you could pass it on to your prayer team/prayer chain as well. The more prayers the better! 

(Update 11-4) The hematoma has shrunk and the baby has moved away from it. Please continue to pray that the condition will continue to improve.