Current Prayer Requests

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All of our critical current prayer requests from our website, email, calls, and the list kept by our church prayer team are shown here. If you have sent in a request know that it can take up to a few hours to show up here. This list is manually updated by our webmaster and is not directly linked to our prayer form. We remove requests from this list after two weeks, that does not mean we have stopped praying for those requests.

We continuously pray for:

Claremont Care Center


Tracy Slaugenhaupt - Lineman for Allegheny Power - Currently in rehab after 18+ surgieries after being electrocuted repairing power in Florida.

Praying For Miracles List

Ginger Bailey: M.S.

Richard Bronner: Turmor

Mildred Cantrell: Breathing

Debbie Chepinski: Healing

Adrian De Zarn: Healing

Margaret De Zarn: Alzheimer

Marty Elder: Allergies

Vaughn Harris: Migraines

Cynthia Humes: Healing

Angel Hunter: Kidney

Phyllis Jones: Healing

Sandy Jones: Healing

Esther Leivas: Liver

Richard Medina: Alzheimer

Pat Medina: Healing

Margo Miner: Liver

Mary Morando: Healing - Heart & Liver

Cheri Moseley: Tumor

Jeanne Petet: Alzheimer

Evelyn Richmond: Healing

Gregory Richmond: Crohn's Disease

Jaunice Reed: Alzheimer

Christine Ruyon: Cancer

Jennica Smith: Eczema

Sharon Smith: Healing Hernia

Tracy: Burned - Healing Arms & Legs

Trish Tuthill: Healing Foot Baby

Joey Van: Healing

Marilee Van: Eyes

Christina Wilson: Migraines

Joey Wilson: Diverticulitis

Maria Witt: Healing

Lola Avelino: Diabetes

Brother Nick: nerves

Tom King: kidneys healing

Bruce Miner: Total Knee Replacement Failing - healing

Evelyn Heck Wilson: lungs

Rick: Stage 4 Cancer

Jerry Van: healing

Colon Peterson: Cancer

Anthony's Grandfather: Had 3 cardiac arrests

Leo Jackson: Hemorrhage in Eye

Thomas - In Rest Home - Has Trouble communicating

David - Gallbladder - healing

Danny - Heart trouble - healing

Rick (Leon's Barber) - Fighting cancer needs healing

De Cota: Spurs on Spine Healing

Cathy: Tumor Breast

Mary Flores: Hip Healing

David Tarin: Healing

Julie Lash: Mass on Lungs

Marylou Bravo: Breast Cancer

Corey Webb: Lives